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Price Guide
Price Guide

Price Guide

We will always give you the best possible price when giving you a quote and one that reflects the quality of our design, our product and our service.

For over 15 years we have been designing and crafting beautiful kitchen right here in the UK, so we really are experts at what we do. You can be happy knowing that you’re dealing with professional, nice people.

We believe that you won’t get a better product or service anywhere else on the High Street or on The Web at a lower price.

Our prices start from just £1,500 for a fully fitted made to measure kitchen, good luck trying to find somewhere cheaper!

Our Best Price Guarantee

If you find a like-for-like kitchen proposal cheaper elsewhere we promise we will not only match it, but we’ll beat it by a further 5%.

That way we both benefit – offering you the lowest price will hopefully benefit you and us. You are not only guaranteed a great quality product for a great low price, but we are able to supply yet another fitted kitchen, allowing us to order our raw materials in bulk and therefore keeping our buying costs down.

How To Claim Under Our Best Price Guarantee

If you get quoted for a like-for-like fitted kitchen cheaper elsewhere, even up to 14 days after you have bought from us, simply tell us and provide the plan and quote from the cheaper supplier. One of our sales team will then alter your price accordingly and e-mail the amended order over to you showing the up-dated price before processing the order any further.

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