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Italian Handleless Fitted Kitchen for Amir Khan family

Posted on: November 15th, 2017 by Asif Yousuf

Xcel  Kitchens is proud of working with the family of British professional boxer Amir Khan on their new fitted kitchen

A Big THANK YOU to Mr & Mrs Shah (Amir Khan family Bolton) on the purchase of the Italian crafted Handleless Fitted Kitchen. We planned, designed and fully fitted this amazing kitchen with lovely curved doors and also fitted under counter Xenon lighting. The kitchen took our fitting team three weeks including fitting the granite worktop which was cut to perfection around the curved kitchen cabinets.

The Xcel team is extremely DELIGHTED with the finished product.

We truly have EXCELLED in carrying out this project.

They say ” A picture speaks a 1000 words” here we have 6 of the best.

Kitchen designers
Azhar Yousuf
Martyn Hepworth
Ian Ward

Eid Mubarak

Posted on: July 5th, 2016 by Asif Yousuf

Eid Mubarak to everyone. May you all have a very happy and blessed Eid. Enjoy these amazing days and remember those who need our help.

We will be closed during the Eid period and will reopen on Saturday 9th July 2016.

Saudi announces Eid on Wednesday 6th July 2016 click here to read more.



XCEL Portfolio and Professionalism

Posted on: July 4th, 2016 by Asif Yousuf

When you are making an initiative with a startup, you always want to hit the nail in the head and that too quickly as to what are things and what are the prerequisites that will lead my business in the right direction so that it prospers and grows with the passage of time. Once to draw your lines and clarify your direction with a solid and feasible plan, then making it happen exactly as you have mapped out the designs is the next big task. XCEL has a reputable and distinguished image in the minds of people with the outlandish and quirky designs of its offerings along with the peerless services that they always live up to. With our endless efforts to ensure that customers get what they are desiring for is making us stronger, better and sharper.

We are creative in our thinking and innovative in what we manufacture in the light of customers’ expectations and demands. Not only that, we have various kitchen outlooks, cutting edge fireplaces and the best bedrooms make up. Our center is just the ideal and perfect place for you because you can shop all the necessary house products and that too from one place that will eventually save your time, money and energy. In addition, you will get an added advantage of having them with the best local manufacturer of UK who are known to produce products of top quality and give services of paramount level.

Any business has an opportunity just at the beginning to make a name for itself only if they understand and listen to their target market and spotted audience. Furthermore, trying to find out what your customer psyche is regarding the products that you are selling. If you are helping the customers in what they want, you are indirectly yourself and the cause of your business. For that, XCEL has a unique plan that invites customers to its showroom to glance at the products that are on display. They see the designs and then they provide the designs that they have made in their head.

We by grasping the requirement of our customer show them the pre-planned layout which is a 3D design that guides us through our journey till its proper installment. This only makes customers more satisfied and more at ease with our stuff and what we bring to the table. Above all, we are working with some of the finest kitchen fitters who are complete professionals that will fix and fit our products to the satisfaction and contentment of our clients.

XCEL Bedroom Gallery

Posted on: July 3rd, 2016 by Asif Yousuf

The most important part of any house, flat, mansion, hotel and a dormitory is a place for rest called the bedroom either for an individual or for the family. One always has a design and layout in mind before building a house and everyone wants its bedroom to be as unique and as exclusive as possible with out of the box room setting and extraordinary room accessories that light up the entire room along with the house itself because the bedroom is the place where someone can imagine the class and quality of the style and standard of the people living there. You can have the bedroom of your dreams with us because we have all the collection of contemporary bedroom blueprints that will inspire you and nudge your whole world in a positive way.

Talking about the bedroom, it is key to underline and distinguish between the conventional, voguish and ultra modern bedroom designs that are on display and what are the components and items that are fixed in the bedroom to complete the whole thing. Here for the relevancy of the time, it is imperative to look into the bedroom essentials and bedroom additional that are rife and common among the people in the current day and age. The basics and fundaments may vary and may depend upon the type and number of people who want to live there and what they wish to have in their bedrooms which is totally reliant on their tendencies and proclivities.

If a single person wants to have its bedroom designed with us, it would be a single bed with a nightstand to keep things like a lamp, alarm clock, wrist watch or wallet for that matter. The room may also have a window with ventilation covering it with a beautiful curtain. There could be a study table if the concerned person is a student and it may also have a TV or LCD with Playstation for recreation if the room space allows that luxury. It all comes down to the person and the capacity the room has for all the bedroom ingredients.

With the finest bedroom furniture and fittings such a comfortable double bed, night stand and wardrobe or a free stand to hang all the attires and clothings, floor with mattresses or rugs and a dresser with side bed drawers having the same design, color and texture as that of the bed. XCEL has all that and more of it and all you have to do on your part is to pay a visit to our showroom and you will be happy with our bed collection.

Fireplaces Varying Designs and Different Benefits

Posted on: July 2nd, 2016 by Asif Yousuf

Sitting nearby a fireside or just next to a fireplace makes it a lovely experience, especially when that happens with your kith and kins or colleagues for that matter. There is no better feeling and there is no better comfort zone that proportionate to resting beside your closed ones and spending valuable time in the cold. You will interact with your dear ones with more friendliness and more contiguity ever with the modern fireplaces and the benefit that they give once they are installed in your desired place. Thankfully, XCEL has all the range of fireplaces and the contemporary accessories that come long with the fireplaces that will not only provide a soothing environment to your place, but will be a source of inexplicable pleasure and renewed joy to you.

When you buy a new place, you have already made plans about what to buy and where you would be placing or setting that thing and fireplaces are no exception to it. Being a house owner, if you never had installed or used a fireplace before then you might as well be ill-advised to install it impetuously and thoughtlessly. You are highly recommended to consult with people and enterprises who are associated with this business and who know the smallest details about fireplaces and then you will be better served and you will get the fireplace that will not only look gorgeous in the way it is installed but will enhance the beauty of your room in a great way.

XCEL is unique when it comes to fireplaces which is one of its manufacturing fits and which they are so good at. We have made our mark and have proven ourselves with the top-tier fireplace frameworks, indoor fireplace models and feasible outdoor blueprints that are cost-effective and are well guided by our thorough professionals who will apprise you of the tiniest details and cautions that are connected with it. We will intimate you about the life and the ways to sustain your fireplace functionality for long enough if you have read the manual and the booklet that comes along with it.

Some fireplaces are wood centric while others need electricity to burn themselves, but whatever design you select for yourself, we will come with instructions that will distinctively make your fireplace work by you and in an effective manner. We will also direct you as to what fuel you need for your fireplace, how you can clean your fireplace and when it is time to change it. Come and visit our showroom for more.

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